SEP Program

Narrative Description of Project:

Enhancing environmental sustainability and climate resilience enhancing services and enabling systems, (b) strengthened access to finance for commercially viable environmentally friendly and resilient microenterprises, and (c) project management, knowledge management, and monitoring and evaluation

Objective of the Project:

      i) To promote drought resilient advance/new fish farming technologies

      ii) To increase fish production;

      iii) To expand environment friendly fish farming practices.

Project Location:

Chapai Nawabganj: Chapai Nawabganj Bottola ,Shahor Branch and  Amnura Branch.

Rajshahi : Rajshahi Court Station, Mohanpur, Katakhali, Bhadra and Darusa Branch.

Doner Total fund Duration No. Staff
PKSF   5,97,00,00 BDT   01.01.2021 – 30.06.2023   05