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Micro-Finance Program

In accordance to our aim towards financial inclusivity, we have our Micro-Finance Program.

In today’s world, the term micro-finance is more than just a method of financing, it is a tool for economic development comprising of new methods of inclusivity. Therefore, the principal purpose of our micro-finance program is to provide credit to those who have plenty of investment prospects around but face a shortage or lack of capital. We work mostly with the Adibasis and the poor people of Bangladesh, especially ones in the Northwest of the country, focusing on women. Through this program, we enable them to create a sustainable living for themselves, putting extra emphasis to adding value through skills training, value chain and market linkage of clients.

  • MF is operating in 27 sub districts via a total of 3,676 Samities with 56,323 members. Out of those 56,323 members 30% are Adibasis and 70% comprise of the poor.
  • 50 out of 60 branches have been brought under automation process.
  • Out of the total outstanding 41.17% from member’s savings, 23.49% came from retained earnings, 14.18 % from PKSF, 16.05% from the bank and 5.11 % from Stromme Foundation.
  • Operational Self Sufficiency (OSS) is 145.65%, on time recovery rate (OTR) is 99.32% and operating cost ratio is 75.77%.

Micro-Credit Projects

Moreover, we have introduced the following Micro-Credit Projects.

  • Credit plus technical services to borrowers .
  • Service holders’ loan .
  • Micro-insurance for livestock rearing.

In Bangladesh, the livestock rearing sector has great potential for creating employment for small and marginal farmers, as well as for poor families, especially for cattle fattening. Livestock health care services, such as vaccination, are never available on time in remote or rural areas. In order to increase the growth, productivity and investment in the livestock rearing sector, Ashrai has introduced micro-insurance for livestock rearing with its micro-finance program.

Social Development Program

As part of our goal of social inclusivity, we have our Social Development Program.