Handmade Embroidered clothes

Project Summary

PKSF since 2015 has been supporting Ashrai in development of the embroidery and garment sub sector to increase income and employment for the women in Barind region under Tanore, Godagari, Mohonpur, Paba and Chapai Nawabganj Sub district. Currently Ashrai has operating a sub project titled on '' Posak Shelpa Nari Uddogta O Dakko Nari Sromik Tairer Madhama Kormosongsthan Sristy ( a value Chain development approach project)'' under PACE ( Promoting Agricultural Commercialization and Enterprises) project of PKSF funded by IFAD. A total of 3000 women has been trained up on market oriented fashion and design for skill and capacity development for handmade embroidered clothes. The sub project has been providing training, technical supports and services to 100 entrepreneurs for capacity development and creating market opportunities of their products in the regional and national market. And thus promoting market opportunity for quality embroidery clothes and home decoration materials.

The sub project goal

Enhance skill of the entrepreneurs, market promotion of their produces and develop business to income and employment creation.

Project working area

The project has been operating in the villages under Tanore upazila, villages in Paba upazila, villages in Mohonpur upazila; villages in Godagari upazila under Rajshahi district and villages in Chapai Nawabgonj.

Major Activities of the project

The project providing services through value chain Development approach and the major activities are-

a. Establish working platform or factory under an entrepreneurs/ group leaders In the project working areas there are 100 full functioning working platforms or factories and each of these working platform is lead by an entrepreneur. In each working platform employs 200-250 skilled women workers who are working for different types of quality embroidery works. b- Ensuring delivery and uses of quality inputs, material in production

The project has been organizing meeting, seminar with different stakeholders involved with production and supply of different types of raw materials related with stitching, block boutique, natural dying that are available at the rural markets.

c- Skill development training on fashion and design The project assists the entrepreneurs to be familiar with market driven fashion and design so that they have access in competitive market with quality products. National level and regional level famous designers are involved in improvement of fashion and design as well as product quality. The designers are providing training to entrepreneurs and women worker for skill development. The project organizes such trainings especially on cutting, stitching, color combination, quality control. In addition, the project imparted trainings on accounting and marketing for smooth business and to makes the business profit.

d- Market promotional activity The women entrepreneurs have less access in regional and national markets. The project has been assisting the entrepreneurs to place their product in national and regional level trade fairs; organizing workshop and campaign on product marketing in presence of buyers, exporters of embroidery clothes; distributing brochure, leaflets in different markets actors and consumers. This efforts has created opportunities to build networks and business relation with the entrepreneurs and buyers for sustainable and available market at door level of the production center.

Products and types of embroidery work

Nakshi Saree (pictures of sample)

Nakshi three-piece, Shalawar and Kameez, (with different types of stitch, block boutique, eplic, natural dying)

Nakshi Panjabe and Fatua (with different types of stitch, block boutique, eplic, natural dying)

Nakshi Bedsheet, Kantha, Cushion cover, and Curtain cover (with different types of stitch , block boutique, eplic, natural dying)

Nakshi hand bag (stitching)

Nakshi hand fan and others (stitching),

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